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reserved names
Each player may reserve up to six names. To reserve a name, post on the updates board. Your reserved name expires after 3 months if you do not use it or renew it in that time. You can renew a reserved name at any time by posting on the updates board with the name(s) you wish to renew and "I wish to renew these reserved names".

Reserved Names
Expiry Date
Winifred, Lukas, Rowan, Raine, Ethan, Rose
24 Oct '20
Kiya, Santos, Sennefer, Tempest
15 Dec '20
Amunet, Croe, Crow, Fury, Shadow
26 Oct '20
Goblin, Isobel, Noelle, Maeve, Pyre, Vesper
26 Oct '20
Cleopatra, Froja, Jura, Kharga, Nora, Mimic
03 Nov '20
Iseult, Lamorak, Ned, Verity, Chivalry, Wren
26 Oct '20
Andraste, Brecken, Kaspara, Stiles, Stolas
25 Aug '20