About our Family
Thank you to Fennic and Jacquie for allowing us to utilise some of their ideas for our sister site page!

what we give
We have a keen interest in the wider roleplaying community, and love to show our support to our family of games. To our sisters, we offer the following.
  • A link to you and a brief description of your game will be posted on this page. You can write this description if you like - just leave it on our updates or chat board!
  • Our members receive rewards for helping your site out.
  • If you ever require any assistance in any matter we will be happy to offer any help we can, and we would be delighted to participate in inter-RPG events.
All we ask in return is that you place a link back to us somewhere on your site.

Sister sites which fall inactive for months without being officially hiatused will be removed as an affiliate. It's always sad for us when this happens, but we consider our sisters to be a listing of sites we want to recommend to others, and it feels inappropriate to recommend an inactive site. If our sister is officially hiatused, we will move her to our "on hiatus" section at the bottom of the page and eagerly await her return!

how to become our sister
We accept all requests from good, honest RPGs and RPG-related sites.

Step 1: Click here to select one of our buttons or to copy and paste the HTML code for a link. We've included a few buttons below for those of you with pop-up blockers.
Step 2: Place the link somewhere visible on your site.
Step 3: Post on our Chat board (under OOC) with an affiliate request and a link to your site.

If you do not already have a button, we will be happy to make you one for your site! Just ask in your affiliate request. Please note that we only accept buttons sized 88 x 31 pixels on this page, so if your button is larger than that it will be automatically resized.

deals for our members
We offer the following rewards for our members if they help out one of our sister sites.
  • Making a significant contribution to a sister's new layout (coding the whole thing, or creating all the art, etc): 800$ or +80 points.
  • Posting 1 ad for our sister (no spamming!): 2$ per ad.
  • Linking to our sister on your personal website: 200$ or +20 points per link.
  • Referring a new player to our sister (they must post 3 times before you can claim): 400$ or +40 points per player per site.
  • Joining one of our sister sites (you must post 3 times before you can claim): 500$ or +50 points per site.
  • If you help our sister in any other way, have the individual or owner you helped contact us with a "commendation". We will give you an individualised prize for your efforts.

Our Family
Our mother site is the RPG from which we spawned, which helped to nurture us in the early stages.
Our daughter sites are sites created by our members while they were playing Shaman, which we show special support to.
Our sister sites are other sites which have approached us and requested an affiliation, or who we have approached.

Our sister sites

Lunar Children
Genre: Semi-realistic wolf [boards2go]
About: One of the longest-running B2G wolf sites, Lunar Children's unique feature is its imprinting system. Rife with flirty casanovas, traumatic love triangles, and the search for a soul-mate, this is an exciting game with a continuously progressing plot.
Edited by Aspelta, May 2014

Astra Aurelia
Genre: Semi-realistic wolf [board2go]
About: Fall through the earth, to a land unknown to any outside of it. Astra Aurelia, your mind rings the two words back and forth in your head in a voice unknown. As you journey the land, you find there's lupus creatures of all kinds! Remarkably, they range, some with odd powers, glowing skin, butterfly wings, dark arts, crystal horns, feline attributes, cervidae features, rabbit traits, snake characteristics, bird elements, and even those who control elements and lurk the night in search of blood . . .
Edited by Kyleigh, May 2018

Blossom Forest
Genre: Semi-realistic wolf [boards2go]
About: Passing years have weakened the magical barrier protecting Blossom Forest from the outside world. Now magic is seeping into the world and affecting individuals, lands and bloodlines. How it will progress, no one knows...
Edited by Aspelta, May 2018

Sparkling Creek Valley
Genre: Semi-realistic mixed species [boards2go]
About: Set in the modern day, Sparkling Creek Valley offers a relaxed and open environment to play a variety of species, predominantly wolves. The site is focused on storytelling and character interactions with no established 'seasons' for specific interactions or battle rules. If you're looking for a chilled place to write with friends, this is the place for you!
Edited by Aspelta, April 2019

The Lost Islands
Genre: Semi-realistic horse [boards2go]
About: A traditional RPG with no fantasy elements, set in a chain of islands with dramatically varied climates. Dare you face the tundra, the desert, or the perilous journey between each?
Edited by Aspelta, May 2014

Genre: Fantasy humanoid [boards]
About: In the magical city of Sacrosanct, vampires, witches, were-creatures, hunters and humans come together to try to control the streets and master the secrets hidden within every stone and brick. Are you ready to join this world of lies, nightmares and magic?
Edited by Aspelta, June 2014

Beyond the Mountains
Genre: Semi-realistic wild horse [boards2go]
About: Beyond is a semi-realistic wild horse RPG with fantasy elements. It is a neighbor of sorts to the long-time game known as Mist Meadows. Beyond was created to give players a place to continue their characters' stories as well as provide an opportunity for new players to join in. We're open to roleplayers of all levels and hope to create a fun and friendly atmosphere.
Edited by Zebra, September 2016

pending sites
Sites we have requested affiliations with but haven't heard back from yet.

on hiatus
Come back to us soon!<3


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