version sixteen: when life takes over


The Great Dragon Migration

There are as many species of dragon as there are kinds of insects; some harmless, some extremely dangerous. Like birds, most dragons migrate between the seasons, but the council has traditionally intervened to "encourage" them to use unoccupied routes. Since the council is no longer here, the dragons have begun their migration – right through Shaman.

Jobs for fairies interested in dragonology include:
  • Dragon Wrangler: these brave folks are tasked with keeping Shaman safe during the migration.
  • Dragonologist: these researchers use the migration as an opportunity to study dragons, a species which is vastly under-researched.
  • Dragon Conservationist: these fairies aim to protect wild dragons by keeping curious onlookers away, protecting their natural habitat, and supporting abandoned eggs and hatchlings.

Known Dragon Species

Not a lot is known about dragons. As more information comes about, it will be recorded here. Dragons' danger levels are marked by a warning colour. Steer clear of red!

Leviathan Dragons
Niber Dragons
Solar Dragons
Tiny Aquatic Dragons
Tiny Celestial Dragons
Tiny Metallic Dragons
Tiny Motor Dragons
Tiny Scorpion Dragons
Tiny Singing Dragons