version sixteen: when life takes over

Shaman Leadership

The Arthurian Royal Family

During the battle against Gwythr and the Alliance, the Arthurian royal family vanished. One moment they were among the others in the battle, and the next – gone. Their current location/status is unknown.

The New Ruler

While all eyes were turned to the conflict with Gwythr's forces, a shady pirate lord named Dracerdis (Signe) seized the opportunity to claim Shaman's throne. After planning for years and gathering a rather large collection of followers, Dracerdis was able to steamroll through Shaman, crushing and absorbing any opposing forces until they reached the now-abandoned castle. A proclamation was issued shortly after declaring Dracerdis the new Emperor of Shaman.

Dracerdis is handsome, charismatic, and dangerously unstable -- a true tyrant that is more focused on fulfilling his own desires for wealth, women, and power than the wellbeing of his people. His fragile mental state makes him exceptionally unpredictable; at the drop of a hat he can go from being a kind, generous, and forgiving individual to a ruthlessly cruel and vindictive ruler that will crush anyone and anything that stands in his way. His vicious side is tempered somewhat by the calming presence of his current Empress, Ariadne (Aspelta), who has managed to somewhat tame him -- though how long she will be able to do so remains to be seen. To make matters worse for the people of Shaman, Dracerdis is supported constantly by Lady Izira (Aspelta), his most devoted (near fanatical) follower who leads his Secret Police and gleefully carries out his every order regardless of how twisted or evil it may be.

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