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The Lost Islands
Genre: Semi-realistic horse [boards2go]
About: A traditional RPG with no fantasy elements, set in a chain of islands with dramatically varied climates. Dare you face the tundra, the desert, or the perilous journey between each?
Edited by Aspelta, May 2014

Genre: Fantasy humanoid [custom boards]
About: In the magical city of Sacrosanct, vampires, witches, were-creatures, hunters and humans come together to try to control the streets and master the secrets hidden within every stone and brick. Are you ready to join this world of lies, nightmares and magic?
Edited by Aspelta, August 2022

Sparkling Creek Valley
Genre: Semi-realistic mixed species [boards2go/boardhost]
About: Set in the modern day, Sparkling Creek Valley offers a relaxed and open environment to play a variety of species, predominantly wolves. The site is focused on storytelling and character interactions with no established 'seasons' for specific interactions or battle rules. If you're looking for a chilled place to write with friends, this is the place for you!
Edited by Aspelta, August 2022

Genre: Fantasy shapeshifter/human [custom boards]
About: Offering a complex and detailed world, Kinship is set in the island country of New Ognos shortly after a brutal disaster. Help discover the secrets and stories of this unique world! Offers many unique character and companion creature options, as well as custom coding for a wide variety of features.
Edited by Signe, December 2023

Genre: Realistic domestic cat / fantasy equine / fantasy wolf / fantasy humanoid [boards2go/boardhost]
About: Portal is a beautiful site laid out to direct you to an online written RPG of your choosing. Portal is created and run by Metalhead, as a direct link to her collection of sites in hopes you find one to call home.
Edited by Aspelta, August 2022


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Beyond the Mountains
Blossom Forest
Lunar Children
Urban Prophet

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