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Religion and Deities

Nobody knows which came first: Earth or fairies. Fairies were first born of stardust. The first twenty or so fairies in existence were formed from pure stardust, which is the origin of magic, and thus have pure magic (divinity) infused into their being which they can control. These first fairies were known as "the originals", and first among them was Aura. The fairies which came after them were formed of a compound of stardust and other elements, so the magic infused into them was impure. Thus, the magical powers they had were lesser than those of the originals, and unlike the originals they were mortal. Over time, fairykind evolved and developed levels of magic and wings, but the originals remained much the same as they always had done.

The original fairies have become deified and are often seen as gods. Each has their own monotheistic cult which sees them as the sole god, but they all also appear in a variety of polytheistic fairy religions. In addition to the original fairies, other powerful beings (such as Immortal Ones and demigods) have also been deified and earned a position in some of the polytheistic pantheons.

The Original Fairies

the first fairies

To find out more about the original fairies and their cults and polytheistic appearances, click on the deity symbols below.

Aura: goddess of life and death
Gwythr: god of order, law and propriety
Mallos: god of the sun and shadows
Rhaegar: god of war and strength
Tsi: god of sleep, healing and seafarers
Zed: god of happiness and justice
Lorraine: goddess of ice, wealth and elegance
Khasekhemwy: god of learning, knowledge and wisdom
Allianah: goddess of archery and battle strategy
Charlton: god of freedom, independence and diversity
Unknown deity
Kiya: goddess of fire and the hearth
Unknown deity
Unknown deity
Unknown deity
Unknown deity

Other Deified Beings

immortal ones, demigods and the second generation

Immortal Ones are exceptionally old, powerful beings who appeared on Earth shortly after the original fairies. Many are almost as powerful as the original fairies. Due to their age and magical prowess, some of them have been deified. A demigod is the child of an original fairy and an ordinary fairy. Demigods typically have more powerful magic than ordinary fairies and are often deified in association with their godly parent. Second Generation refers to fairies with two originals for parents. Thus far, there is only one of these in existence.

Click the headings below to find out more about each of these minor deities.

Immortal One: Esther-May, the soul thief
Immortal One: Styx, the oracle
Immortal One: Amos, the nature hermit
Demigod: Poppy, daughter of Aura
Demigod: Thoth, son of Aura
Demigod: Jorg, son of Rhaegar
Demigod: Angela, daughter of Mallos
Demigod: Leander, son of Mallos
Demigod: Mateo, son of Zed
Demigod: Luka, daughter of Zed
Demigod: Beatriz, daughter of Zed
Demigod: Xiang, son of Tsi
Second Generation: Solnyshka, daughter of Mallos and Lorraine

Want to play a minor deity? You can join an Immortal One at any time and there are still demigods available for adoption. Check the Fairykind page for more information about Immortal Ones and the Adoption board for a chance to pick up a demigod. Once you've attained your character, you can have them added to this section any time by posting on the updates board.

Polytheistic Religions


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the cult of manekht

here is one other minor religion worth noting. Shortly after the formation of the Council of Originals, a philosopher by the name of Manekht compared fairy religions to human religions and determined that for the originals to coexist in deified harmony, they must each be the god of a particular concept. He devised a system whereby each original was made the god of something.

Manekht also made a very famous prophecy. He prophesised that the gods would all live in harmony, each controlling their own concept, until one day a god would have a child with a mortal and a new god would be born. This new god would be the God of Chaos and Destruction and, recognising it as such, the other gods would attempt to lock it away. Eventually however, Chaos and Destruction would escape from its prison and wreak havoc upon Earth. Once this happened, Chaos would descend upon the gods, who would eventually reproduce with one another and create a new generation of gods. This new generation would be jealous of their parents for having control over particular concepts, and there would be a war in Heaven. Eventually, the gods would wipe each other out and fairykind would have to fend for itself without them.

Although largely ridiculed and forgotten, it is believed that Manekht's prophecy was partly what influenced the ancient law forbidding the originals from reproducing. It is believed that while the originals did not completely believe Manekht, they were not prepared to take the chance. Belief in Manekht's theories was reawakened after the birth of Poppy, daughter of Aura and first child amongst the originals, whom many believed to be the God of Chaos and Destruction Manekht prophesised about. After Poppy's escape from prison in 1944, the cult of Manekht strengthened and the modern-day leaders of the religion attempted to track down their prophet's original scripts. The scripts, which had long since been lost, record exactly what concepts each of the original fairies are supposed to be gods of. Some scraps have been found and they have been able to piece together and translate the following:

Aura, Goddess of the Fire and the Hot Seasons, the Sun and the Stars; Controller of the Origin of Magick.
Mallos, God of Romance and Fertility; Controller of the Origin of Life.
Allianah, Goddess of War and Combat, Archer Supreme; Controller of Victory in the Battlefield.

Manekht's scripts are extremely valuable and rare. As more are found the information they contain will be put up here.

Other Religions

fairy versions of human religions

A few fairy versions of Christianity are worth noting. There are two major fairy Christian churches, both based in the United States of America.

The Fairy Trinity Church is a mild Christian organisation which is tolerant of the original fairies but views them as powerful beings, not as deities. The Fairy Trinity Church is usually happy to work with the Council of Originals and does not actively try to convert people.

The United Church of Fairykind is an extreme Christian organisation which views the original fairies as blasphemous and intolerable. It actively works against the council and its mission is to convert the world to its cause. The United Church of Fairykind views all other Christian organisations as being false.